~ Damnatio Memoriae ~

~ since 2010 ~

Beyond critical writing and visual practice, this work is a software that analyzes images by itself and changes it based on face recognition patterns. This conceptual-virus, once opened, appends a black stripe on the mouth or eyes of every face found on each .jpeg of user's computer memory. It doesn't spread itself on other computers, only infects peoples memory - their photos - with the censorship symbol.

This new communication approach, beyond Good and Evil, makes a surprise to the user. The infected user open some photos (maybe days after running the virus without knowing about that) and see all censored faces. Wow! Who did it? When? Why? Most of us never seen intelligent viruses which changes images. It gives more questions than answers and let the person in doubts. Radical communication through the images in memory on the computer of the person.

In our age, government censorship is becoming more and more used to control information and power maintenance. People can't read this or talk about that. This censorship-infection shows the user familiar people virtually censored by something that they even don't know what is.

Stimulate this debate is the main focus of the Damnatio Memoriae Virus, bringing power back to the people.

People are not used to read or listen with full attention until we talk about them or what they are thinking. Using familiar faces from user's memory to express propositions is far away better than horny models. Questions are better than answers and imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

It is not about show something to people, it is about show familiar people with something. People on their computers are usually comfortable on their homes or work, in front of their personal stuff and memories, such as photos and documents. This work get's there, on their face, changing his memories, impacting his thoughts.

It was implemented with Processing.org in two days, after I first visited the memefest website, told by a friend. The work, as a trigger, is a program file with a nice icon, an .exe for windows, .bin for linux and .app for mac, but the process, as consequences, is the artwork at all.

Virus Source Code

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